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Who am I? Who knows...

I’m in my early 30s, mama to my 3 beautiful 'brats', wife to Ryan, and fur mama to Peggy the Pug. 
Only 6 years ago I was a hair stylist/salon owner before I delved deep into the world of healing and Woo Woo! Now I’m probably what most people would call their ‘spiritual therapist’. I guess it was clients coming to get their hair done and spilling their deepest, darkest secrets that let me see I could hold that space and be an ear to listen, without judgment. I’ve been the Guidance Gal my entire life as I’ve always been the one giving advice and fixing problems for others.
My job now however is the opposite. I don’t do the ‘fixing’ because there is nothing to fix! What I do is help you find yourself again. You are still inside there, just a bit lost in amongst the limited beliefs, unhealed wounds, and emotions that you have suppressed throughout this life and previous ones - yes I mean past lives!
Some call me a witch, others a mystic and most crazy, but I am a healer. I hold space and help people on their journey, wherever that may be, by sharing my own experiences and the teachings that I have learned along the way. 

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